Connection is essential at Transforming Family. It is the key to having deep, vulnerable, loving, connected relationships in your family. The world we live in has conditioned us to become disconnected. Disconnected to ourselves first, which then leads to disconnection with others.

Let’s reconnect first to ourselves, then relearn how to reconnect with others. It’s not really complicated…yet it is courageous!

Want better relationships with…

  • Yourself?
  • Your Children?
  • Your Partner?

Awesome! You’ve come to the right place!

Together we will explore the past patterns which have caused the disconnect and discomfort in your lives.  We will look deeply at what keeps you stuck, and we will move into freedom through connection.

Read articles, watch videos, schedule a time to talk! I’m here to help. No gimmicky sales page. Simple, straight-forward offerings.

All Sessions $85/hour

Tracy Liebmann | Connection Life Coach | Creating Stronger Relationships



Hi, I’m Tracy,  and my passion lies with motherhood and relationships.  I’ve been a wife since 1992;  a mother since 1995; a certified life coach since 2006 and a certified energy medicine practitioner since 2012. I am always learning and growing,  so who knows what will happen in the years to come.

My academic background is in teaching. I have a masters degree in early childhood education; yet, after my first beautiful child was born, I knew where my real job was. Of course you’re thinking I mean taking care of my child(ren), which is partly true, however,  the real truth is I had a lot to transform mySelf, so I could be, and can continue to be,  the most connected and vulnerable mother, wife, person, I can be. This is a continual journey. This is a spiritual journey. I have not reached the destination. I continue to transform everyday!

There are many convenient ways to work with me. Office sessions locally – Mt. Pleasant, SC, and Phone or Skype sessions are also very popular with local and global clients.

I hope you’ll join me because I know this is the most meaningful way to transform your life, transform your family.