Infinite Reconnection


A Crisis of Connection - we are suffering right now in our society because we are experiencing a deep dis-connection. A crisis of connection to Self, to Source and to Each Other.

Let’s begin the Infinite Reconnection, let’s transform this Crisis of Connection!




What is the Infinite Reconnection?  It is a energy medicine healing modality built on years of study and experience working both psychologically and energetically with parents and children.

Who is it meant to help? Children with special needs and their parents. I have always said all children have special needs. Every human being has special needs, but for the purpose of clarity here I will make partial list;

  • Autism Spectrum
  • Sensory Integration
  • Behavioral Challenges
  • Processing Issues

How does it work? To truly understand that you will need to study up a bit on Quantum Theory/Quantum Physics, and Energy Medicine. I am working on writing simple, easily understood explanations of some of the concepts, but in the mean time… At the very bottom of this page you can download my eBook I wrote on the topic of Energy Healing a couple of years ago.

I will do my very best to explain concisely and understandable what it is I do. I work in the energy field of the person. I look for the places where there is a break (dis-connect) in the energy, typically caused by environmental hazards and/or trauma. I use light (color) and sound vibration to “heal” but I prefer the word reconnect the strands of energy. I will also look at the overall system, and do what is needed for each individual. 

The who, what, where, when, and how of why there are dis-connections does not appear to be important. It happens to everyone in our modern world. Not everyone has symptoms that disrupt their lives.

I am here to help the people who are consciously aware and have symptoms of energetic dis-connection that are experiencing a negative effect on the quality of their lives.

Sometimes I do receive information that is very important to share with the family that will help them to continue their healing process, in that case I will share the information. If you have specific questions I am always willing to share the information I receive during my sessions.

What do you mean by information received during a session? Often the energy I am working with has messages, I hear, feel and see these messages while working with the energy.

This information can be very helpful with a non-verbal child or one who has a hard time articulating what he/she needs. You send me the questions and I will ask…usually with great results.


If you have a child who is challenged by any of the listed “symptoms” above or you are experiencing issues that you have yet to find your answer, please consider giving the program a try. The beauty about Intentional Energy Work is that it will only work with that persons energy fields highest good. It is the most non-invasive treatment you both can experience.

What does the Program Include? 

  • Daily Energetic Overview and Energy Medicine Protocol Administered by Tracy Liebmann
  • Most interaction between parent and Tracy will be done via email; unless phone call is requested
  • All re-connection sessions will be done remotely
  • Program lasts 2 weeks then we will re-assess

Please email or call me ASAP if you would be interesting in being a part of this very exciting process: tracy at transformingfamily . com or 843~ 343~ 8956.

I can only accept 5 participants at a time.

OR if you are ready to move ahead now just pay what you want for the program and I will be in touch within 24 hours.

Cost: $225 for 2 weeks of daily healing.

Here is your free Intro to Energy eBook! Please enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.