What People Are Saying…

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What People Are Saying…

From Clients…

“Tracy Liebmann is a tremendous resource for “transforming” yourself and your family.
I always enjoyed the time I spent talking to Tracy. She is easy to talk to and a fabulous listener! Sometimes I speak “a mile a minute” and Tracy would not only keep up, but when I finally slowed down for a breath, she often had some wonderful insight to share. There is something very healing about having someone really listen to you, without judgment and with presence. I found her feedback to be both validating and thought provoking.
When I first began to talk to Tracy, I really needed someone to be there for me. We all give so much to our families and those around us. Talking to Tracy, every other week, was something special that I did for myself. I always looked forward to it and was amazed at how fast the time would fly.
Tracy is intuitive and knowledgeable. She really helped me to acknowledge some “truths” in my life that I had a sense of, but was not quit able to see clearly. She really helped me to get in touch with and trust my own internal guidance and instincts.
No one of us is perfect. I have spent years reading and researching and reaching out to various sources for guidance on my journey towards self-growth and fulfillment as a mom, and a wife and a person. Tracy was a key step in this journey. She is so accepting of where you are right now. She helped me to love and accept myself where I am, growing and yet imperfect, loving yet at times uncertain. Tracy really helped me to regain my confidence in my innate goodness.
I highly recommend Tracy as a life coach and resource for “transforming” yourself and your family.” Client in Berkeley, CA

Was recently gifted this wonderful artwork testimonial! 

Osie Drawing


January 18,2010

Judi says…”Our family met Tracy when we participated in her coaching group last year at the Rethinking Education Conference. Little did we know that would be one of the best decisions we ever made! Both the group sessions as well as the private sessions were extremely helpful. She connected wonderfully with our kids as well as my husband and myself. With Tracy’s coaching, our family was able to get through many of the hurdles we were facing as a couple and family in regards to fully understanding and incorporating unschooling and consensual living in our family life. I also continued working with Tracy with weekly phone calls for several months after the RE meeting for personal and marital counseling. Her insightful, fun and heartfelt coaching proved to be a true blessing. In 3 months my husband and I were able to overcome issues that we had been working on for YEARS! If your family has a goal of becoming a more peaceful family, I would highly recommend meeting with Tracy!”

February 24, 2009
Jennifer says… Tracy is intelligent, kind, caring, compassionate, and most importantly for me non-judgmental. She expertly considers the needs of each individual of the family from the youngest to the oldest and the pets too! She balances explaining and examining with me the difficult choices that I could make in order to transform my family with wisdom, clarity, and tenderness. Continuing to work with Tracy is one of the best decisions that I have made and my family is so much better because of her insight. She is an irreplaceable and priceless asset to my family. In sum, Tracy is amazing. If you truly want to transform your family for the better in a balanced and healthy way, Tracy will definitely help you with that journey.

February 20, 2009
Kathy says… Tracy has been a tremendous resource for me. She is supportive, encouraging and intuitive. She has provided great wisdom and insights that have certainly helped “transform” my family. One of the things I appreciate most about Tracy is that she helps me to find and trust my own inner guidance.

February 14, 2008
Susan says… Tracy has a lot of wisdom and humility as well. She brings this to her business and helps people “transform” their approach to parenting as well as other issues in their lives. The newsletters are great too!

I had the privileged to meet many nice people through the Family Review Network, many have experienced my Coaching and have Reviewed me on their Blogs. Here are links to many of the Blogs that took the time to write about their experiences with me.

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